Saturday, April 6, 2024

A to Z April Challenge 2024: F for FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE


Sachin is a poor little rich kid who goes the wrong way when he befriends people who are only interested in his money. He has a tough time kicking his drug habit, but somehow manages the near impossible feat. 

Grabbing his new life in both hands, he adopts a baby boy and sets up a gym; breaking off with his parents who are simply not interested in their only son, and heir.

Bina is an international model who falls sick. Taking a long break, she goes back to live with her parents; shocked out of her wits when she finds out that she had been adopted when she was barely three weeks old. Heartbroken and unreasonable, she kicks out at anyone and everyone who comes within a few feet of her.

Will the two broken souls be able to help each other out? Read my book FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE to find out for yourself.  


Sachin turns over a new leaf… after a quarter century of living the life of an angry little rich boy. After all, his parents don’t give a damn about their only son once they complete their duty of bringing an heir into the world. These days, he has an adopted son to love and care for.

But what about Sachin himself? Is there no one to love him in this big wide world?

International model Bina is not only physically ill, but also suffers from a broken heart when she discovers that her parents aren’t her own flesh and blood, but have adopted her when she was barely three weeks old.

Bina clashes with Sachin when their paths cross, sparks flying as he’s unable to stop himself from falling headlong in love with her.

Will the angry and frustrated Bina, who’s bogged down by self-pity, understand the love she’s surrounded with? Both from her adoptive parents and Sachin, who is patience personified?

Or will she ignore the tug of her heart every time she lays eyes on the handsome hunk?

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  1. Enemies to lovers and redemption tropes! Sounds good. :)

  2. My goodness Sundari - how many books have you written?

  3. Seems Interesting.

  4. This sounds like a great story. I will have to check out your website.

    1. Thank you. Please do. If you like reading romance novels, you will love my books