Thursday, April 18, 2024

A to Z April Challenge 2024: P for PRESS RESTART

PRESS RESTART is my upcoming romance novel, to be released in April 2024. I am excited to have completed the story the day before yesterday. As on today, it is with my beta reader, Lakshmi Ranganathan. I am hoping to publish it on Amazon soon after I incorporate her feedback, do a final round of proofreading and formatting.

A brief introduction to my protags:

HE is Pritesh Lohia who is unhappily married to a wicked woman. Working for an investment company, he's super successful financially, but his personal life is in shambles...

SHE is Mahika Rajput, his executive assistant who falls head long in love with her boss the first time she sets eyes on him, unaware that he's a married man. Does her love disappear when she knows he's tied to someone else? The heart seems to understand no logic...

Things go from bad to worse, and the only way forward is to Press Restart.