Tuesday, April 16, 2024

A to Z April Challenge 2024: N for Naavya Batra


Naavya Batra is the heroine of the only romantic fantasy I wrote, which is called LOVE IN AGARTHA. Naavya is orphaned as a child and goes to live with her father’s brother and his family. While her uncle Ravi, and her cousins, Ritesh and Romesh, love her, her aunt Renu resents Naavya. So much so that Renu slaps the child hard one day, which makes Naavya go deaf.  

Naavya and her cousins go to Mumbai on a holiday when they visit Karnala Caves. Not heeding the warning sign to keep people out, she walks into a deep cave, with her cousins following her. All three are suddenly sucked into a bottomless pit and find themselves in different realms. While the boys fall elsewhere, Naavya falls in Agartha, a city in the fifth dimension.
Most startling of all is the fact that Naavya regains her hearing prowess. She meets Sanat Kumara, the prince of Agartha, who falls in love with her. Is Naavya ready to forget her life back home on earth and remain with him? And what about her cousins? Where are they? Read this romantic fantasy to travel between the third, fourth and fifth dimensions and find your answers. 


When Sanat Kumara usurps the job that Naavya Batra has been coveting since a long time, her instantaneous attraction towards him turns to intense dislike.

But soon, she's all in admiration for the man. When she finally decides to give herself to him, Sanat insists on telling Naavya something about her…

…something she has absolutely no memory of.

What does Sanat know about Naavya that she herself isn’t aware of? And what secrets are her cousins holding back from her?

Read this tale of fantasy which takes you to three different realms on the earth, to find out if Sanat Kumara is really what he appears to be on the surface. But what about Naavya? Will her love for Sanat hold up under the circumstances?


  1. OH! I wrote a book about Agartha too! I'll have to check yours out.
    Tim Brannan, The Other Side blog
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