Monday, April 22, 2024

A to Z April Challenge 2024: S for SING FOR ME

SING FOR ME is the first book in my Bollywood Bros trilogy and follows the story of Vivaan Chandhok and Mili Sharma. Vivaan loves music and enjoys his work as the head of a famous Bollywood music house. 

Mili is one of the contestants at the music talent show organised by Vivaan’s company. They both are attracted to each other, Vivaan admiring her singing from the bottom of his heart.

He keeps his distance from her, not keen on the paparazzi pointing a finger at Mili, as she is one of the top most contestants, while he owns the music company.

She’s stolen from right under his nose when Ankit, the singer who wins the contest, proposes marriage to Mili.

Read SING FOR ME to find out if the heartbroken Vivaan ever finds happiness. This book is available on Kindle and is FREE on Kindle Unlimited.


Mili lacks self-confidence when she arrives in Mumbai to take part in a singing contest. It’s young Vivaan who goes to her rescue and they are deeply attracted to each other.

But he keeps his distance from Mili once the contest begins in earnest, to avoid her name being trashed by the paparazzi…

…only for her to be stolen from right under his nose by Ankit who goes on to marry her, breaking Vivaan’s heart in the process.

Six years later…

Mili leaves her abusive marriage, deciding to walk alone. Will Vivaan be able to win her now? And find happiness with the woman he never stopped loving?
*D for Dance with Me is Book 2 of Bollywood Bros trilogy.


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