Wednesday, April 10, 2024

A to Z April Challenge 2024: I for ISHIKA CHATTERJEE

The heroine of my romance novel called THE FLOUNDERING AUTHOR, Ishika Chatterjee is the commissioning editor of a major publishing house in Delhi. I find a lot of women from Bengal who work for the media, have an excellent command of the King’s language, which is why I gave Ishika a Bengali background.

Ishika is attracted to Jai Wadhwa, who aspires to become a published author. And she sincerely believes that his book is worthy of being part of Cooper Publishing House’s catalogue, the company she works for. But the CEO of the publishing house tries to manipulate Ishika in the worst way possible. 

Does she take it lying down? Never! Ishika is not only beautiful, but one hundred per cent bold. She does something which anyone who is trying to climb the corporate ladder would never dare to do. Read my book to find out how she handles the situation. 

THE FLOUNDERING AUTHOR (available on Kindle Unlimited & Paperback) is the 3rd book in the WADHWAS trilogy, the first two being FINDING ANYA (Dev Wadhwa) and LEO’S DESIRE (Chaahat Wadhwa). Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow one book to be placed in two different categories. While Leo’s Desire is the 2nd book in the Wadhwas trilogy, it is also the second book in my Written in the Stars 6-book series.

All the books can be read as standalone novels.  


Jai Wadhwa aspires to be a published author only to find that the path he has chosen is full of thorns. He’s almost on the verge of giving up his dream when Ishika Chatterjee walks into his life.

The commissioning editor of a major publishing house based in Delhi, Ishika is keen to have Jai’s book as part of Cooper Publishing House India’s catalogue, only to find her path blocked from all directions.

Heartbroken, Jai goes underground to lick his wounds. Will he ever get to realise his dream or is it doomed forever?

While Ishika isn’t one to give up so easily on a project she strongly believes in, she has nothing less than a battle on her hands. And what about the floundering author himself—the one she has fallen in love with? Will he take on the world and launch his writing career or fade away to nothing?