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A to Z April Challenge 2024: V for PRINCE VIKRAMASIMHA


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THE BANISHED PRINCE is my latest historical romance novel published in January 2024. Vikramasimha is the prince who is banished from the kingdom by his own father, the king.
By the time he goes to the rescue of Princess Sarvani who is fleeing from a most unsuitable marriage, Vikrama has become a soldier of fortune. 

While Vikramasimha and Sarvani get closer, the princess isn’t sure if she could trust a warrior whose services are available to the highest bidder. 

Is the banished prince as bad as he seems? Will Sarvani be able to trust the man she’s fallen in love with?

Read the story on Kindle. It’s also free on Kindle Unlimited.

An Excerpt

There was no expression on the accused prince’s face which appeared stony. But that did not take away from his handsomeness. His broad forehead was softened by the unruly curls of hair which fell on it, how much ever the prince tried to keep them in place, while long strands of hair fell to his massive shoulders. His thick and dark eyebrows arched over large, deep-set eyes which were a dark brown tending towards black, surrounded by eyelashes which would have appeared feminine on any other man. As for his cheeks, they were sharp and clean shaven, a thick and luxurious moustache on his upper lip, which was brushed back to curl upwards, underscoring his masculinity. His nose was perfectly centred and was as prominent and sharp as those of the flock of golden eagles Vikramasimha used for hunting. As for his mouth, while it appeared grim right now, the shape and thickness of his lips suggested to a passion for life and enjoyment which was inherent in him. His chin was strong and determined, except for the cleft right in the middle which added a touch of unexpected softness.

At two and twenty, Vikramasimha had seen his share of battles at his father’s and brother’s sides and had many scars to prove it, the most prominent being the one on the inside of his left forearm, from his inner elbow all the way to his thick, manly wrist. 

What truly fascinated everyone was the devil-may-care expression on the prince’s face, as if he was not being accused of a heinous crime, and that too, by no one less than the chief minister himself.


Prince Vikramasimha might be considered a rogue by some, but even then, the people of the kingdom of Kaushambi are shocked when the king, his father, banishes the younger prince from the kingdom, after he is declared guilty of committing a heinous crime.

Princess Sarvani is heartbroken when her father, the king of Rajagriha, dies suddenly. She runs away from the palace to escape an unwanted marriage with her stepbrother, Charukesi, who wants to ascend the throne as the next king.

The prince saves the princess’s life when she is shot by a poisonous arrow, not divulging his identity. The two are attracted to each other, and grow close.

But how can Sarvani trust Vikrama, the warrior, when she finds out he is a soldier of fortune? Especially considering that she has not a single coin to offer him, while her stepmother has her kingdom’s coffers in her control?

Is Sarvani safe from the mercenary she has fallen in love with?

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