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Oneness Temple (Mukti Mandap)

Sri Amma Bhagavan: Man cannot make it on his own; it has to be given to him 

The Oneness University was established by Sri Amma Bhagavan at Varadaiahpalem, Andhra Pradesh and they also have a centre at Nemam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

The Oneness Temple is a marble wonder that was inaugurated by Sri Amma Bhagavan in April 2008 and is now the centre around which the university revolves.

The road within the Temple campus leading to the Mukti Mandap

The temple has been constructed on the instructions of Sri Bhagavan to help people attain Mukti or Enlightenment. For those who came in late, Amma & Bhagavan are the avatars for enlightenment. They have taken birth on this earth to give enlightenment to mankind and ring in the Sathya Yuga (Golden Age) on or before December 21, 2012.

The huge compound has many other buildings too - dining hall, a shop, offices, Dhyan Mandir and more

I recently went to the Oneness Temple to attend the Super Process. While I have attended a few courses offered by the Oneness University, they have been at Nemam, Varadaiahpalam Campus and at Sathyaloka in Karnataka. This was the first time I got an opportunity to attend a process at the Temple itself.

The Oneness Temple is considered the ‘womb of the Goddess’ and the whole process was a tremendous experience.

We had classes conducted by the Oneness Guides on Day One. Day Two started with an ‘Angapradakshinam’ – to roll with one’s body around the main praharam in the temple. We did this on the second floor. This was my first experience of doing Angapradakshinam. I have always wanted to do it at Tirupati and finally got my chance when I rolled around the Oneness Temple. It was a terrific experience and leads to an extreme level of cleansing in the system.

This stylish cab carts  senior citizens and physically challenged folk  around the campus. The people in the picture
waited with me to meet Namannji. We got a lift to the entrance to collect our luggage 

More classes were conducted within the Oneness Temple and it was a beautiful experience.

The time I liked best was when the course was completed on the third day and almost everyone had left the temple campus. A few of us were waiting for a meeting with the Oneness Guide Namannji.

I clicked this picture when I was inside the Temple. Yeah, the compound is huge set in 42 sq. km

The whole area was quiet and one could feel the tremendous peace in the campus. It was simply amazing and I was so happy to just sit there and absorb the atmosphere. A truly wonderful experience indeed!

The marble structure shimmers in the sunlight

Oneness Temple Location:

Mukti Mandap (Oneness Temple) 
Battallavallam, Chillamattur Post 
Chittoor District, 
Andhra Pradesh 517541
Phone: +91-8576276838 / 840/ 841

The Oneness Temple at night
Some guidelines (with updates as recent as July 2017):

1. The Oneness Temple is open from Tuesday to Sunday (Monday is holiday) and the darshan timings are 10 am to 1 pm in the morning and 4 pm to 5 pm in the evening. The public is allowed only during this time inside the temple as it is kept free for the many courses conducted there.
2. Free entry. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at a cost. It is better to buy the tokens in advance.
4. Public Transport Buses are available from Chennai and there is a bus-stop called Mukti Mandap right outside the temple.
5. The closest train station is Tada.
6. Auto-rickshaws are available to and from the station or places nearby but cost a bomb.
7. Tourist taxis from Chennai charge Rs. 3000 for a round-trip to the temple and four people can travel at one time.

This is Campus 2 at Varadaiahpalem where our dormitaries were. This is a half-hour journey from the Oneness Temple.
Three buses carted the lot of us to and from the Oneness Temple to Campus 2 on all three days. 


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  2. Nice description Mam. Recently I visited there for Amma Bhagwan's Darshan, really lovely place it is.

  3. amma bhagavan is really soooo great.... great is the only word i can use for them... i love my amma and bhagavan... thanks for sharing this wonderful post... amma bhagavan sharanam..

  4. Thank you Deepa for stopping by my blog and posting a comment. Amma Bhagavan Sharanam :)

  5. plz can you tell me the addrtess for amma bhaghavan from tirupati

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I have mentioned the address on the blog itself. It would make better sense for you to ask directions from locals. All the best!

  6. Please try to know the recent changes that have happened in the schedules of the temple and update them here. it would be a help for everyone who visit your page.

  7. Is there any facility to stay night in the premises?

    1. No, it's like any temple. They have timings for visiting

  8. Thanks for such wonderful information. Could you please inform that for sunday 9 AM TO 10 AM Amma Bhagwan also give darshan

    1. Please verify updated information regarding temple timings. I don't know about Amma Bhagavan Darshan. The temple is for Golden Ball Darshan