Tuesday, April 9, 2024

A to Z April Challenge 2024: H for HEARTTHROB


HEARTTHROB is the second book in the Arora Iyers trilogy, which I spoke about in my first blog for the April Challenge 2024, for the alphabet A. 

It is the story of Krutika, who is barely thirteen, and absolutely confident that she’s in love with the sixteen-year-old Darsh, who is her best friend’s older brother.

It is only later that Krutika’s single father gets married to Darsh’s single mother (Once Bitten Twice Lucky). Not for anything does Krutika give up her love, even going to the point of announcing her intention to marry her stepbrother as soon as she turns eighteen.

Is Darsh embarrassed by his stepsister’s announcement? Not really, especially not with the support he receives from his mother and stepfather. 

But what about Krutika’s wish? Does it come true? Will Darsh fall for her, or no? Read my romance novel to know what happens. 


Krutika falls headlong in love at the tender age of thirteen when she first sets eyes on the dreamy Darsh. That he is barely sixteen seems oh-so-perfect to the barely-there teenager. She never stops loving him when her father ties the knot with his mother soon afterwards.

Darsh has always led a serious life, his responsibilities as the man of the house weighing heavily upon his young shoulders as his birth father never showed interest in his own family. Later, when his mother remarries his stepfather, he could have lightened up, but it never comes naturally to the young man.

With Krutika chasing him blatantly, Darsh really doesn’t have a place to hide, not even in Boston which is as far as he could get, away from Delhi.

How long will he be able to stall the call of destiny? And a determined young lady who has decided to make him her life partner? And what about love? Will he ever find it?

Read this story which is both young-adult and growing-up-together, all rolled up in one; but nonetheless a hot romance.


  1. Krutika sounds like a force of nature!

  2. I don't really read romance and I'm not sure how I feel about a romance novel about a kid so young.

    1. Okay. Well, a teenager does have feelings. And Krutika is confident enough to express it. But that doesn't stop her from being a teenager and there's a lot of growing up to do, which is the premise of this story