Saturday, April 27, 2024

A to Z April Challenge 2024: X for XENIAL MAHESHWARIS


XENIAL means warm, welcoming, and hospitable, which is what the MAHESHWARIS are.

The Maheshwari family is from Rajasthan. I introduced them to my in THE RUNAWAY BRIDEGROOM, the first book in the Marriages Made in India series. And till today, the Maheshwaris remain the favourite of many of my readers. 

At that point, Mohan and Meera Maheshwari, parents of five children, were arranging the child marriage of their eight-year-old daughter, Chanda. They are farmers from a small village in interior Rajasthan and didn’t know better. 

Mohan Maheshwari wakes up to the horror of his little daughter left alone by her teenage bridegroom when the boy runs away. But the head of the Maheshwaris is unfazed. He decides to shift his family of four sons and one daughter, and settles in Jaipur along with his wife.

He watches and learns from the people around him, insisting on educating all his children. An affectionate father in the guise of a strict one, he has no expectations from his children. It doesn’t matter to Papa Maheshwari that none of his sons want to join the grocery business he has set up in Jaipur. 

The eldest Ram Maheshwari (THE SMITTEN HUSBAND) designs gold jewellery and sets up his own retail shop. Lakshman Maheshwari (HER SECRET HUSBAND) is in the bakery business. Bharat Maheshwari (THE CASANOVA’S WIFE) is a fashion model. The youngest Shatrughan Maheshwari (HER BOHEMIAN HUSBAND) is a globe trotter for life. 

There is a bonus book in this series, with a couple of Maheshwaris playing in the sidelines. It is called HIS DRUNKEN WIFE, and are about characters I introduced in the first book.

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