Wednesday, April 17, 2024

A to Z April Challenge 2024: O for ONCE BITTEN TWICE LUCKY


ONCE BITTEN TWICE LUCKY is the story of divorce lawyer Deepshika Arora and businessman Karan Iyer; and is the first romance novel in the Arora Iyers trilogy.

Deepshika is divorced from her womaniser husband and has two teenage children, Darsh and Myra. Karan’s wife leaves him in the middle of the night, leaving a note saying that she doesn’t want to remain married to him. She doesn’t seem to be bothered about leaving their daughter Krutika in her husband’s sole care.

Sparks fly when Karan goes to meet Deepshika, the lawyer, to divorce his wife. Both of them are once bitten; will they be lucky the second time round? 


Deepshika feels as free as a bird once she decides to kick her womaniser husband out of her life. The lawyer is confident of bringing up her teenage kids with her father’s help.

Karan isn’t all that upset when his wife dumps him, leaving behind their preteen daughter for him to bring up. But the alimony she claims comes as a rude shock.

Sparks fly when the shocked husband meets the divorced, divorce lawyer. But what will happen when their respective children come face to face? Will they accept their parents’ relationship or rebel against it?

Will the once bitten Deepshika and Karan be lucky in their relationship the second time?


  1. Have to read it .

    1. I agree. You will enjoy it if you like second chance romances. Thank you for stopping by

  2. Sounds like a Lifetime or Hallmark movie. Though I mean that in the best way possible!
    Tim Brannan, The Other Side blog
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    1. I will take that as a compliment. Thank you so much Timothy