Saturday, April 13, 2024

A to Z April Challenge 2024: L for LOVE… NO CONDITIONS ASKED


LOVE… NO CONDITIONS ASKED is a standalone romance novel following the story of Shrikant and Savita. I introduced the two of them in another novel of mine, and felt an urge to write one specially for them. 

While many people have loved the bold premise to this story, some have hated it. All I can say is NONE OF US ARE PERFECT! Which is exactly the theme of this book—that love has no conditions. 

When they appeared in GROUNDED (Book 3 of The Groom Series), they had already been married for fourteen years, and had a preteen daughter too.

I decided to start their romance in the middle of their marriage, instead of going back in time and writing about their falling in love for the first time. Though I have woven the story in such a fashion that it goes back and forth to their past and present. 

This book is available on Kindle and is free on Kindle Unlimited. 


“I want a divorce.” Shrikant is shaken when his wife of sixteen years greets him with those terrible words when he lands in Singapore, after being separated from her for two long years because of the lockdown which had crippled the world.

Savita knows that she doesn’t deserve a wonderful man like Shrikant, even though she loves him from the bottom of her heart. Which is the reason why she’s ready to leave him; and their teenage daughter, forever.

His heart refuses to let him believe that the woman he loves more than life itself, wants to divorce him. And he tries his best to dissuade her from taking such a drastic step.

But will she listen to him? And what about Shrikant, is his love strong enough to face the truth of why Savita wants to go her separate way?

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