Monday, February 13, 2012


Vini warming her hands

Vinitha had been telling me a lot about this restaurant and we were keen to go there to have drinks and dinner. I don’t much care for hard drinks but I would not have minded having a rum and coke as it was tooooo cold at Delhi.

The Doorman

We went there around 8 pm and stood outside with the Sardarji who was serving as doorman as he was warming himself in front of an iron pot full of red-hot coal. It felt so wonderful as the cold outside must have been about 7 degrees at that point.

At the entrance
We got a table within 5 minutes and went in to a lovely ambience. It had the look of a village outdoor with an artificial tree right in the middle of the restaurant. The lighting was perfect and we sat down to have a look at the menu.

Not too keen on ordering hard drinks, we finally settled down to have cocktails.

Inside Pind Balluchi

THUMBS UP 1: Vini asked for a Caprioska and simply loved it. This had vodka, lemon chunks, sugar, crushed ice and soda. 

THUMBS UP 2: We asked for two Masala Papad. They were fresh and yummy.

THUMBS UP 3: We asked for Makkai de Kabab for starter. It was delicious. The green chutney served along with this was simply superb.

THUMBS UP 4: The Dal Makhani that we ordered was excellent.

THUMBS UP 5: We asked for one Tandoor Roti and a serving of Jeera Rice. These were good and that’s how we managed to finally finish our dinner at Pind Balluchi.

THUMBS DOWN 1: I asked for a Green Apple Martini. This was made of vodka, green apple juice, soda and ice. While the taste was good, it was too sweet. I had asked the waiter whether it will be sweet and he had said that it would be mildly so. Even after adding more soda, I found it too sweet for my taste.

Makkai de Kabab
THUMBS DOWN 2: We asked for a mixed vegetable for the main course. The first shock came when we saw it was a dry sabzi. We had not thought of asking beforehand. The taste was also very mediocre with very less salt.

THUMBS DOWN 3: We made a mistake of asking for one Khasta Roti and one Missi Roti. Both were horrible and neither of us could finish them.

Green Apple Martini. Cheers!
Despite the minus points, it was definitely worth a visit. We only need to be more careful about what we order after clearly finding out whether the vegetable had gravy, etc. We also made the mistake of trying to add salt to the vegetable ourselves. That did not make it better as it could not be mixed properly to the dry vegetable. We should have insisted that they take it back and add the salt.

For those interested:

Pind Balluchi Restaurant & Bar
2105, D B Gupta Road,
Karol Bagh,
New Delhi - 110005
Opposite Maruti Suzuki Showroom
Khasta & Missi Rotis; Dal Makhani and Mixed Vegetable
Phone: 011-45077777 / 9958292941


  1. I have visited Pind Balluchi, Rohini Sector 10. Food wasn't that mouth watering. But the ambience inside and outside was very beautiful, with perfect lighting. And what I found most of Delhi restaurants is their Excellent Starters with Hari Chutney. :) yummy.....

    1. Hi Aishwarya
      thank you for the comment. Yeah, you have put my food review in a nutshell :D

  2. very very nice fotos of the food as well as the place!
    great fun u have had eating out in Delhi :)

  3. I really like review about this restaurant.I also like the quick service of food their.
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