Saturday, February 11, 2012


McDonald's @ Connaught Place, Delhi

Well, if you have seen one McDonald’s, you have seen them all. I have been to the outlet at Bandra, Phoenix Mills, CST and a few other places in Mumbai; one of their branches at Singapore (they served only non-vegetarian there and so we had only ice-cream) and now this branch at Connaught Place, Delhi.

I thought I will write about McDonald’s in general and my visit to this branch in particular. I was alone during this outing. I had just been to Baha’i Temple and had taken a metro to Rajiv Chowk. It was almost 4 pm and I was very hungry. I walked around Central Park looking for a nice place to eat that will serve local fare.

French Fries all gobbled up; McVeggie Burger and Iced Tea
This area has a number of shops selling high-end brands and there were not too many eateries there except for fine-dine restaurants. I almost completed taking a full circle before I saw Big Mac and decided to eat there. I was too tired and hungry to search for longer.

The place was fairly big – could seat about 80 people and it was packed. I managed to get myself a McVeggie Burger with cheese, French Fries and Iced Tea (yeah, despite the cold) and managed to get a seat. The ambience was good with two TVs at a higher level. Some cartoons were on and I really loved them.

I started sipping the tea to find that it was mildly flavoured water. I was not too keen on getting up and going back to the counter as I was sure that I would lose my seat. That’s when I called one of the employees over and told him what my problem was.

The place was packed
I was absolutely impressed with the service. He took my tea back to the counter and got me fresh iced tea that was simply yummy.

The burger was good. But over the years, what I notice is the size has shrunk and shrunk while the mayonnaise content has reduced terrifically. Don’t they understand the meaning of VALUE FOR MONEY? The prices are increasing tremendously, anyway. Why not give enough?

I got French Fries only because there were no Potato Wedges. I like the wedges way more than the fries. During an earlier visit to the Phoenix Mills outlet, I found out that they did not serve Potato Wedges any more. Now, I found out that McDonald’s has stopped serving wedges altogether. But why? I simply love them.


  1. yeah the wedges are very very tasty compared to french fries.
    nice of Mc to change the tea promptly!

    1. Hi Lak,
      just seeing the comments you posted on my Delhi blogs. Don't quite know how I did not reply to your comments. Better late than never, Sorry!
      They still don't serve wedges. We went to McDonald's at Phoenix Mills last week and found out :(

  2. I really like the services of MCDONALD’S @ CONNAUGHT PLACE, DELHI .Delhi Restaurants