Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Pizza By The Bay

Last Thursday was a holiday for Vini due to elections; Viggy had to string his guitar at Furtado’s and I tagged along with the two of them to do some shopping in and around CST.

The three of us met for lunch at Pizza By The Bay at around 3.45 pm. While Viggy had performed at this place when it used to be Jazz By The Bay around 3-4 times, I have never been here.

Viggy was keen to have beer but could not as it was a dry day. The three of us had a yummy lunch that lasted for more than an hour despite the super-quick service. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience with a cold breeze from across the sea and hot delicious food on our table.

Caesar's Salad
THUMBS UP 1: We ordered a Veg Caesar’s Salad. Crunchy vegetables – green and yellow peppers mainly – were tossed with crispy iceberg lettuce, garlic croutons and parmesan in a creamy Caesar dressing. It was perfectly flavoured and totally yummy. Viggy and I went to war over the croutons. And the salad disappeared in just a few minutes.

Penne Primavera
THUMBS UP 2: We asked for a pasta dish – Penne Primavera. That’s penne with black olives and zucchini in a creamy tomato sauce. While the portion was just right for one person, the sauce was perfect. I am not too keen on a tangy sauce and my daughter does not like it too cheesy (pun unintended). This was an exact combo. We simply loved it.

Spring Fling Quad Pizza
THUMBS UP 3: There was this Spring Fling Quad Pizza that we ordered. This is elliptical in shape and is cut into four quarters, each with a different topping. There was fresh, sliced mushroom; tandoori paneer, broccoli and American Corn. This place is not called Pizza By The Bay for nothing. There is a bay, right outside the window and perfect pizzas served inside. The pizza bread was oh-so-fresh and the toppings were perfectly seasoned. My kids enjoyed the mushroom while I had a bite of all the other three. The paneer was as good as that available in Delhi and that is saying something. The pizza was a wholesome, delicious experience.

Garlic Bread straight from the oven
THUMBS UP 4: We ordered two batches of garlic bread. This is half a loaf, sliced and with garlic butter in between. They heat it in the oven without separating the slices. Hot, crunchy garlic bread is brought to the table and the melted butter almost drips over as you separate the slices. Pure heaven!

Iced Teas - Lemon & Peach
THUMBS UP 5: I asked for a Lemon Iced Tea; Vini got a Peach Iced Tea and Viggy went for a Pepsi. Both the teas were very good while they could not do much about the Pepsi.

THUMBS DOWN 1: Vignesh had asked for a mocktail – Virgin Pina Colada and was not too impressed with it. He said that he has tasted way better than the one served here.

The bill came to Rs. 1600 plus and I suppose that’s quite alright for the food and the lovely ambience.

Vini dons the chef cap:

I was keen to take pictures of the pasta counter and asked permission from the management. They fell over themselves in encouraging us to not only take pictures but they also invited Vinitha to make a pasta dish. She was quite thrilled to wear the chef’s cap as she prepared Pasta in a creamy sauce. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience as the chef told her how it was done as he added the ingredients one after the other. The best part of it was that they let us taste some of the pasta, at no extra cost. I have to mention here that it was simply divine.

A super experience, indeed!

Vini plays chef at Pizza By The Bay
For those interested

143, Soona Mahal, 
Marine Drive, 
Churchgate , 
Phone: 22856115 / 22820883


  1. Superb ! I have crossed this place many times but never tried it. Thanks for the suggestion, will try it sometime.

    1. Thanks Nilima. And I am glad you found the review useful. I was sure that you will want to go with Sunil. That's why tagged you both :)

  2. very nice review and lovely pics too!