Friday, February 24, 2012


These 'Spices' were part of the decor at the buffet representing the restaurant by that name. I simply loved this display

I have always been fascinated by JW Marriott from the time I went there for researching the five-star hotel for my novels. I got an opportunity to see the many restaurants, ballrooms, conference rooms, rooms, suites and their gardens, all thanks to a friend of Venkat’s.

Food array from Saffron
A few months ago, I went to cover a conference – Washrooms And Beyond, an event organised by Media Pulse Public Relation. They had organised a buffet at the end of it. The food served was a mix from the three of the restaurants at JW Marriott and their famous bakery.

Mezzo Mezzo counter
Mezzo Mezzo is their Italian restaurant. Saffron serves authentic Indian Royal Cuisine. Spices is a Pan Asian restaurant serving Thai, Chinese and Japanese food. Then there is the Bombay Baking Company that brought forth the desserts as well as the breads.

All set to prepare yummy Thai Curry - both green & red - both veg & non-veg
I am a pure vegetarian. I had a few bites of Dum Aloo – baby potatoes in spicy red gravy; Subz Biryani – Saffron scented basmati rice, simmered with yellow chilli flavoured curry and seasonal vegetables; Subz ki Handi – fresh vegetables cooked with fried onion and cashew nuts and garnished with cream and a Pudhina Parantha.

Bombay Baking Company displaying breads and cheeses to be served with sauces
Everything was just perfect. I have never tasted such yummy biryani elsewhere. And the parantha was too delicious. It was hot and fresh. I don’t quite know how they managed to get it in that state to the buffet table. Simply amazing!

Our table at the conference room
I could not resist tasting a little of Thai Green Curry that was made right there. It was yummy, but I prefer my vegetables to be a little more cooked then they were.

Rows and columns of desserts from BBC
While the breadsticks served during the conference were too fresh, crunchy and delicious, I did not enjoy the desserts from BBC. There was a vast range of them, kept in large trays. They reminded me of rows and columns of the military. I somehow did not enjoy any of those while I did taste some of them. May be my taste is too Indian.

The Bar
Mezzo Mezzo did have a pasta section, but I did not have any place in my tummy to try that one out.

I will vote for SAFFRON any day. The food was Perfection personified.


  1. Dear Sundari ji......


    thank you so much for the informative messages you send about each and everything..... be it spiritual, entertainment, food, beautiful places, health, etc....... i really enjoy the same...

    Thank you


  2. nice review. It is quite similar to the food reviews I read in The Hindu! I loved the first picture of sacks of spices, very cute!
    Desserts were too Western? anyday nothing to beat Indian desserts!

    1. Thank you Lak! Indian desserts are the best especially as our palate is used to them! But l love pies and pastries too. But these were... I am not sure what to say! They were so unappealing.