Sunday, February 5, 2012


We went for lunch to this restaurant chain that is unique to Delhi. They seem to have around five outlets in the capital. The ambience was good and the place was not very crowded as it was 4 pm when we landed there for lunch.

Vinitha checking out the Continental Buffet

There was a Continental buffet, but there were too many items and so we decided to go for a la carte. There was a range of soups and salads on the menu – the weather was too cold for salads. And there was a variety of sandwiches – the reason was the same why we did not go for this. Both of us decided to have a hot lunch and that’s what we did.

Sweet Corn Soup
THUMBS UP 1: We shared a Sweet Corn Soup between us. They don’t serve one-by-two. We just asked for an extra soup spoon and drank from the same bowl. It was hot and delicious.

THUMBS UP 2: Vinitha asked for a sizzler - Cottage Cheese Steak with Barbeque Sauce. This came with noodles and she declared that it was simply yummy. The portion was just right for one person and was not too much.

Thai Green Curry with Rice
THUMBS UP 3: I asked for Thai Green Curry with vegetables. This came along with steamed rice. It was more than what one person could eat. I could not finish it despite Vini eating a few spoonfuls. But it was hot and tasted heavenly. The vegetables were cooked just right without being overdone. My stomach was very happy and satisfied after having this.

THUMBS UP 4: Vini asked for a hot coffee at the end of the meal that she absolutely enjoyed.

THUMBS UP 5: The bill was very reasonable at Rs. 1300 plus for the above items and the dessert that we ordered.

Cottage Steak Sizzler
THUMBS DOWN 1: There was not much in the choice of desserts and these were served from the Continental buffet. I have a sweet tooth and craved for a pastry. I choose the pineapple pastry. They gave me three pieces. I did not expect that, even though they were small. The worst part was that they were not very fresh.

For those interested:

Nirula’s Potpourri,
N-64, 1st Floor Outer Circle,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi – 110001
Happy Hours: 12 to 8 pm
Pineapple Pastry
Phone: +91-11-23319420

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I was quite excited to see Tamil film stars MGR & Shivaji as part of the wall decor