Friday, February 10, 2012


Shishir Saras Mela at Dilli Haat

I have heard a lot of people talk about Dilli Haat and was keen to visit it. I was not aware that there were two outlets, or I would have tried to find out more about it. We went to the one close to the INA Metro Station. It was around 7 in the evening. 

Folk Performance
There was a rural handicrafts exhibition happening there just then and it was called the Shishir Saras Mela. Dilli Haat is basically a place for handicrafts and food stalls from the different states of India. It gives you a good idea about our country’s culture. 

Handicrafts from Andhra Pradesh

I felt that it looked like something akin to our Kala Ghoda Fair in Mumbai, but much toned down. 

From Gujarat
We walked around to see a number of stalls with handicrafts, saris, suit materials, shawls, handbags, pottery, wooden toys, paintings, glassware and a lot more. There was a live folk performance going on when we entered. 

Handbags and more from Madhya Pradesh

The place was alive with a lot of people around despite the cold. We walked all around and bought some bangles and earrings for Vinitha. 

Wooden kitchenware from Tripura

Finally, we settled down at a Rajasthani food outlet and ordered one thali and shared it between us. We also asked for one plate of bhajias – this had one mirchi bhajia and one khanda bhajia. The food was good, not great.

Tanjore Paintings from Tamil Nadu
Somehow, I was rather disappointed with the place. Maybe, I had had very high expectations after hearing so much about it. Or maybe I was at the wrong address.

Rajasthani Thali
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  1. I went to dilli haat in the was pretty hot. should have gone in the evening maybe. you're is reminiscent of mumbai's kala ghoda festival :-) but i believe the shopping at dilli haat is way better

    1. Hi Diti,

      actually it depends on the weather. I would have been better off going in the afnoon as the weather was extremely cold when I went to Delhi. And you are right, the shopping is way better at Dilli Haat - there are more stalls and the stuff priced about half. I can vouch for that as I was at Kala Ghoda today and the same item that I saw in Dilli Haat costing Rs. 200 was priced at Rs. 450. This year, the Kala Ghoda Fest is not as fascinating as it had been over the last two years. :)

  2. I am glad you found that useful. You are welcome!
    And thank you for the comment

  3. I am jealous. This is one place i very much wanted to go but could never fit it in my schedule. Lovely photos