Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The snack counter

This restaurant serves only vegetarian food and snacks. They also have a counter selling sweets, namkeen and many different types of biscuits.

Vini and I visited this restaurant for lunch on the day we left Delhi to get back to Mumbai. This is situated very close to Hotel Jewel Palace where we were staying.

THUMBS UP 1: We ordered a Paani Puri (yeah, that’s what it was called in this restaurant, not Gol Gappa). They served it at our table with the puris, filling, sweet chutney and theeka paani separately, and we made our own paani puris. It was nice.

Jeera Rice, Dal Tadka & Kachcha Papad

THUMBS UP 2: I wanted to have Jeera Rice and Dal Tadka. The serving was a little more than I needed and so Vini had a few bites too. Both the rice and dal were delicious.

THUMBS UP 3: Vini asked for a Burger and she swore that she had never tasted bread that was fresher than there. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

THUMBS UP 4: We shared a Sweet Lassi between us. It was big enough for both of us and tasted very good.

Veg Burger
THUMBS DOWN 1: I asked for roasted papad along with my food. It was cutely rolled and served. But it was not roasted well. The waiter was not too bothered when I told him that it was ‘kachcha’ and made no effort to have it changed.

THUMBS DOWN 2: I was impressed with the array of biscuits and sweets. I ordered a few boxes after tasting. The sweet was good. But the biscuits I brought home were not as fresh as the ones we tasted. The restaurateur knew that we were not locals. We mentioned that when we asked for stuff that would last as we had to take them home to Mumbai. Despite that he gave stuff that was not fresh which made me realize that he meant to cheat. I would not want to visit this place ever again.

For those interested:

2659, DB Gupta Road,
Karol Bagh , Delhi
Phone: 41546143 / 41546144 / 9868275992


  1. :) lassi was my saviour in Delhi as weather was quite hot!
    the food looks very delicious in the pictures, sad that fellow cheated you people on the biscuits

  2. I liked the quality of the food....