Thursday, February 9, 2012


After our visit to Country Inn & Suites where Vinitha’s friend was getting married, we both stepped out again into the cold at about 8.30 pm. This was at Ghaziabad and we were planning to walk to Vaishali Metro Station that was about 15 minutes walk away. We had not actually attended the wedding. Vini just went and met her friend for a while as the area is too far away from Karol Bagh where we were staying and the wedding was scheduled from 9 pm to 4 am.

The view from outside
We saw the Bikanervala outlet on the way and decided to stop there for dinner. What I understood from looking at the place and reading their website was that it is something in the lines of Krishna Sweets in Chennai. They started out selling sweets and farsan and have expanded to serve fast food.

We had to first buy coupons and then purchase the food from the self-service counter. Vini did the honours while I sat at a table. The place was not too crowded.

Chole Bhatura. By the way, that chilly tasted delicious

I had asked for Chole Bhatura and Vini got herself an Aloo Chaat. The taste was very different from the similar items that we get at Mumbai. The Bhaturas were huge and were cold by the time Vini brought them to our table. The guy had just made it in front of her. Well, that’s how the weather was.

It was quite tasty and so was the aloo chaat. The bill came to about Rs. 130 which seemed quite reasonable. It was a nice experience.

Aloo Chaat
The walk to Vaishali Metro Station was incredible. It was about 9.30 pm and the road was a very busy highway. But there were no streetlights. I have to mention here that the platforms in Delhi are something altogether. They are about a foot high. It is not funny climbing on them and getting off. We both decided to walk on the road. There weren’t many pedestrians and we could see the water vapour when we breathed out from our mouths. It was that cold. It was fun walking on the dark highway, in the cold, so late at night. We felt absolutely safe.

There is a family restaurant on the first floor
For those interested:

40, Ambedkar Road,
Near Choudhary Morh,
Ghaziabad (U.P.) - 201001
Phone: 95-120-2751677


  1. pics are looking very yummy...... mouth watering too....

    Sundari you are enjoying food a lot these days....

    1. Hi Vaishali,
      nice to hear from you. I love food, anyone can see that from my size ;)
      Actually, I went to Delhi for a short holiday. All meals were had out and so I decided to write food reviews. That's why you feel that I am eating a lot :)
      thank you for the comment and I am glad you liked the pictures

    2. very happy to see your food reviews...

  2. So bad you chose not to eat/write about the sweet varieties of Bikanerwala. Rabri Falooda/Kulfi, Malpua...very yummy. Of course, their hot Paneer Pakora.

    By the way, did you get a chance to go to Ghantewala Sweets in Chandni Chowk, about mid-way between Red Fort & Paranthewala Galli. It's more than 250 years old & their So(ha)n Halwa is very very famous.

    1. Hello Sunnyside,

      Thank you for the comment.
      I can understand your feelings, but I went to Delhi for about 4 days. How many things could I cover? I wanted to purchase sweets and I bought some from Moolchand's. I was quite disappointed. I wish I had known earlier about Bikanervala. I love malpua. Feel so bad that I missed it.

      I am glad that you have mentioned so many more things about Bikanervala and also about Ghantewala at Chandni Chowk.

      That should be very useful on any other trip that I make to Delhi and also to my readers. Thank you again :)


  3. i did see a Bikanerwala outlet in Delhi, but did not try,looks like i really missed out!

  4. Nice post.
    I have been to one of best restaurant in Delhi which is Bikanervala, i had really quality food their. There i came to know the test of Delhi foods.