Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sharing: DAY OF LOVE

August 15 as we know it is the Indian Independence Day. It is one more important day - The day of love that happens to be Amma's birthday. The Avatar was born on August 15, 1954. That makes her 55 years old today. Amma is the Avatar of Love to balance Bhagavan's Avatar of Wisdom. Together they have come to the Earth to increase the level of consciousness of both the planet and the earthlings. Thus, they will lead us into the Aquarian Age or the Golden Age known as Sath Yuga by June, 2012. Let's all wish Amma a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And thank you Amma, for bringing LOVE into our barren lives. :D I wish and pray that the Sath Yuga is rung in smoothly and mankind attains mukti without any trials or tribulations.


  1. happy burthday amma. that is so swet. we all should enter mukti without any trial or tribulations :)

  2. Mrs. SUNDARI, I saw your Wonderful Page Web. I am worshipper of AMMA. SHE is my GODDESS. I live in SOUTH AMERICA, and I would like to contact with an INDIAN DEVOTEE of AMMA, because I want to know more about HER, and the Ceremonies of CULT and ADORATION to HER, by her devotees. I KISS and WORSHIP the DIVINE FEET of OUR GODDESS AMMA. Thanks very much.Bye. raoul