Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We got my son VigneshKumar a guitar as a stress-buster while began Standard X in school. That’s when he realised that he had a talent for playing it. Even as Vignesh learnt the music with a couple of teachers at two different points in time, most of what he knows is self-taught from the internet.
I guess it is more because he has a flair for it. Today, I am proud to say he teaches guitar to anyone who wants to learn it and is quite adept at imparting lessons on the instrument.
Vignesh has also won a few awards for taking part in competitions.
He is part of the band called ORION that predominantly plays Death Metal. He and three of his friends who have a taste and talent for this genre have set up this band together and hope to make a success of it.
Orion has also a few original compositions of lyrics and music that they have recorded. The band includes Anshuman (base/vocals), VigneshKumar (guitar/vocals), Cain (guitar) and Varoon (drums). There original songs are Reverie Hours, Oh! Sweet Ebullition, My Dying Prayer and Devoured Existance.
Anshuman is doing his TYBMM at KC College. Vignesh is at SIES College, Sion, doing his TYBA. Cain is at Wilson’s College in TYBMM. Varoon is doing his TYBCOM at HR College.
I wish the four young band members all success.
For those who are interested in listening to their music, log on to: www.myspace.com/orionmumbai


  1. wow viggy is a rockstar:)and obv he gonna give me exclusive interviews later right?:P

  2. hey thats a nice way of introducing a band, death metal & ur son. Im learning guitar from a teacher who plays death metal & its a cool genre of music. Many ppl think guitar playing is head banging & has few genres like metal,rock,.. Once you start learning or get introduced to guitar playing, its an infinite another world all together. :) Learning to play guitar to please myself & hope to achieve it soon.