Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am not mentioning the term Body Language in the sense that it is usually understood. By Body Language, I mean what the body has to say to you 24/7.

Yes, our bodies talk to us, tell us what is right with them and tell us what is wrong. Are we ready to listen?

If yes, then let me help you understand how to go about it. :)

The Creator has made the human body to last a long, long time. If so, He must definitely have provided the means too. That is what is known as the Survival Instinct.

When we touch a hot object, the hand withdraws immediately – the heat touches the skin on the hand, the message reaches the brain and the hand is taken away from the hot object, all in the flash of a second. This is but Body Intelligence.

In a similar manner, the body tells one when it is not happy. For example, when we have a fever, it could be because of one of many reasons. It could be a cold or an upset stomach or an allergy that the body is fighting by raising the temperature. But we tend to take a Crocin and bring down the temperature. Does this help us fight the actual problem the body is facing?

This is the very reason that we should listen to our Body Language. Try to understand why there is a fever. We all cannot be experts. Try to find out, if not consult the one who has paid a few lakhs of rupees to get the prefix of Dr. before his/her name. Don’t just pop a pill. In the beginning, it is only one pill. Slowly this keeps increasing without us bothering to keep count.

The body aches – why? Maybe we have strained it. Maybe we have sprained it. Maybe it needs exercise, for crying out loud. Do we know? Have we tried listening?

When there is a headache, the reasons could be umpteen. You could be hungry, have a BP problem, your eyes may need checking, suffering from dehydration or a disturbance in your digestive system. If you pay proper attention, you will easily get to know what kind of a headache you have. Try drinking a few glasses of water. Most headaches disappear this way.

Then there are those who don’t bother to eat their meals regularly. This results in headaches or acidity or both. When the body is hungry, it is in need of fuel. So feed it. This is simple logic. I have heard of those who say that their work needs to be done and so meals are postponed, etc. A few weeks of this and then you are sick at home with acidity. It helps neither you nor your office nor your boss. The sensible thing is to have your meals regularly or at least when your body calls out to you, in hunger.

The least one can do to take care of one's body:

A well-balanced meal of dal, roti, sabzi and chaas with least possible oil will keep you healthy. A half-hour of walk everyday will keep you fit. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. This will ensure that most of your headaches are kept at bay. The water cycle in the body needs to be kept in order as this helps in the kidneys functioning properly and helping in the production of new cells.

DON’T pop a pill just because you have a headache, body ache, fever, acidity or whatever. Try to find home remedies or if it is too bad, go to your doctor. Medicines taken randomly will spoil your health for sure in the long run. The body is in for a long haul. Please take care of it.


  1. agreed, 100%
    also water really helps head ache and digestion probs! thank you for putting it down in blog so it will be regular reminder to listen to the body
    photo is so cute!

  2. I agree.And listening to the signals the body sends you can sort so many of our problems!

  3. yep! aaiyee aaiyee Captain!
    I tend to stress & stretch myself when the need arises but also try to listen to my body when it starts groaning & creaking ;)

    Hope to give it more attention & care.

  4. Thanks Dr. Sundari, you helped me understand my basic health problems. :)

  5. i could actually hear u talking while reading this. it looks like most of it is picked up from my experiences

    i totally agree. pawam body

  6. Thx Sundari I agree with it & try to drink as much water I can but thx once again of reminding of the good health.