Friday, August 28, 2009


Methi (Fenugreek Seeds) is a common ingredient that is used for cooking in most Indian households. These tiny seeds add an aromatic flavour to Indian cuisine and are used in full while giving a ‘tadka’ or are roasted and powdered to add taste. Methi greens are also good for health.

The seeds can be soaked along with Urad Dal before making the dough for Idli or Dosa. This increases the fluffiness of the idlis and crispiness of the dosas.

has a bitter taste and has a terrific and positive effect on one’s digestive system. I have heard of people recommending the intake of Methi in the form of powder or soaked grains. Believe me, this is one way of ensuring that no one will consume the seeds. Taken in either form, one cannot miss the bitter taste and hence, most of the people I know, refuse to have it. The best way is to swallow half a teaspoon of Methi seeds along with water the same way that you would swallow tablets. You don’t get to taste the bitterness while the wonder effect on your body is awesome.

Why consume Methi seeds at all?

Well, Methi has a wonderful effect on your whole system.

• It protects your stomach lining and ensures that you don’t get stomach ulcers.
• It acts as a digestive and ensures that you don’t get heartburn.
• It acts as a natural medicine whether you have constipation or loose stools. The effect is immediate unless the condition is chronic.
• Having Methi everyday sets your whole digestive system in order.
• It helps you lose weight over a period of time.
• Especially for those who consume alcohol, Methi saves you from most of the evil side effects.
• It helps in the functioning of the Pancreas that secretes insulin. Very helpful in the case of diabetics.
• Consumption of Methi in the long run helps your skin glow and your hair shine.

These are good enough reasons, I would suppose to use this wonder seed.


  1. I like this write-up, am surely going to crib less next time when my mom asks me to have methi.

  2. Sundari thanks a lot .... i tried the method of swallowing the methi seeds and it helped me.

  3. You've been telling me for two years to have this. Had it only once. Will buy a new packet at once.

  4. Sundari, I had almost forgotten this! Your blog refreshed my memory. I will go and buy a packet of Methi seeds tomorrow itself :) cheers

  5. Was wondering whether eating whole methi seeds would get digested at all and would it be beneficial to our health then. Ideally the seeds would have to be chewed or powdered. Though I find the swallowing option good just had a doubt.

    1. Hi Anonymous!
      This is a tried and tested method. All of us in my family do it. It has a fantastic effect. Chewing probably will be even better. But Methi is too bitter and one would just stop doing it after the first time. 'something is better than nothing' works in this case.