Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spirituality: THE YEAR 2012 - Part 1

What do you think will happen in 2012 – the world will come to an end or will the globe see a new age?

The Mayan Calendar highlights the year 2012 as the dawn of the Aquarian Age. According to this, this is the end of a time period of approximately 25,000 years when a new cycle will begin. 2012 has many things happening, in fact. There is the Venus Transit that happens every 122 years in twin cycles spanning eight years. The last pair of Venus Transit happened in 1874 & 1882. The very recent first-half of the event took place in June, 2004. The next part of the same is expected to happen on June 6, 2012.

What is happening?

As per Indian mythology, time is divided into the Four Yugas.

Satya Yuga: Also known as the Golden Age, this Yuga is when the Creator and his Creation function as one. It is heaven on earth and there is total oneness of spirit when all creatures – including man – live in absolute harmony. This Age lasts for approximately 10,000 years as measured by the Gregorian Calendar.

Treta Yuga: This is also known as the Silver Age. During this Yuga, God’s creation (read Man or Human Being), has moved away from his Creator by about 25%. It is not absolute heaven on earth. There is a percentage of evil that exists during these years. As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu took the Avatar of Lord Rama to save the Earth during this age. The Treta Yuga lasted for approximately 5,000 years.

Dwapara Yuga: Known as the Bronze Age, this is when Man moved further away from his Maker and approximately 50% of the nature of the people turned negative. This is when Lord Krishna came down to Earth to save the planet. The Dwapara Yuga lasted for about 5,000 years too.

Kali Yuga: This is known as the Iron Age. We are all living in this era, in fact, the tail end of it. The Kali Yuga lasts for 4,000 years when the negativity level goes to extremes – as much as 75%.

If it had continued in its downward trend, it would have ended in an Apocalypse or Pralaya by the end of 2012. But the Creator has again come down to Earth in the form of God and Goddess – Sri Amma Bhagavan – to take mankind into the Satya Yuga, which is the Golden Age. This will be the dawn of a new cycle of the Four Yugas (a total of 24,000 years) and will last for 10,000 years when there will be Heaven on Earth.

For this purpose, the Oneness University, founded by Sri Amma & Bhagavan, has set up courses that target to increase the consciousness level of man. Presently, it is the low level of consciousness that shows the humankind as separate entities and has landed man in a lot of negativity. With a shift in consciousness, what Bhagavan hopes to achieve is ONENESS, when the whole of humankind will get together as one, thereby breaking down the separated state that we are living in. This, Bhagavan plans to achieve by June 6, 2012, during the Venus Transit.

All of us can hope to go into the Satya Yuga – Aquarian Age – Golden Age around this time.

To be continued.....

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  1. Excellent...waiting eagerly to read more on it...

  2. Sounds Positive - looking forward to Golden Age -when only peace and serenity will prevail - no jealousy, no hatred -GREAT

  3. it will be a great Golden Age when Man lives in harmony with all God's creations. Looking forward to that period.
    Very clear explanation of the yugas.looking forward to the next part of this article.

  4. the knowledge of golden age suddenly changes the way i look at things! hope it will bring a lot of positive energy in the minds of people.

  5. here, u could include hyperlinks to parts 2 and 3 also

  6. Its really exciting to know about such an golden age where it clearly mentions in the satya yuga that there will be total oneness of spirit and man can live in harmony its really a good thing to know about it, im eagerly waiting for it...