Sunday, August 30, 2015


I enjoy many kinds of Indian music – Carnatic, Hindustani and Bollywood. Recently, I have been lucky enough to attend three music programmes in the span of one month. First it was Shubha Mudagal at Birla Matoshree Hall with my family. The second was a show of old Hindi film songs at Nehru Centre. While the first was awesome, the second was good.

On Friday, I happened to see an event listed on Mumbai Mirror - Hindustani music, songs on Lord Krishna to celebrate the forthcoming Gokulashtami, sung by Kalapini Komkali. It was at NCPA at 6.30 pm. Many times, I have wanted to attend programmes there and decided against it because of the distance and late timings; mainly because I go for these shows by myself as no one else around me is too keen. But this time, some instinct made me just book a ticket through and I left at 5.20 to go for it, all the way to Nariman Point.

Was it worth the effort? Oh Yes! Totally!

The show began on time with a beautiful introduction of the Dark Lord (Krishna, who else did you think it was?) that set the mood for the evening. Mr. Atul Tiwari presented a few stories in between the Bhajans sung by Kalapini Komkali. Those were in Hindi and English and I could understand and enjoy those.

The Bhajans that Kalapini Komkali sang were by Surdas, Meerabai and a couple of other poets. I didn’t understand one word of the lyrics. But the moment she started singing, I felt tears pouring down my eyes. No, I was not upset or anything. Just the music went directly to my heart.

That’s when I experienced for the first time what they mean by MUSIC IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL. 

Just in case you want to listen to the artist, here's a piece from YouTube...