Monday, August 10, 2015

Tornado Giveaway 2: Book No. 13: HAIKU AND OTHER MICROPOETRY by Madhuri Maitra

Author: Madhuri Maitra

The Story:

"A short poem is a drop of the divine, a brief, brilliant flash. An emotion surges, you create an image, and the jewel is born, plucked out of thought-flow, rubbed and polished to its innate glow.

Haiku is like that. Intrinsically beautiful! Some see the beauty and others do not. Moreover, poetry is a personal experience. There’s no saying what will touch the heart, the senses, the brain, and why.

Haiku and Other Micropoetry would appeal to many people who have had idyllic childhoods in a world less crowded; who have enjoyed simple pleasures, or not; who have loved, lost, laughed, cried, danced, achieved, failed, and done everything that life bid them. They have searched for meaning and known the pain of that search. They have allowed themselves to grow with every experience.

Haiku heals. A short verse brings moments of recognition. A lot more can happen within these pages. Haiku and Other Micropoetry will be read by some with love and some with déjà vu. Some will identify with it, some might just toss it aside, and others might carry it around as a favorite dip-into read."

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About The Author 

Madhuri Maitra 

Always an avid reader, dreaming of delighting her own readers someday, Madhuri published her first two books in 2014. Haiku and other Micropoetry is a collection of short verse on nature and on life; while Equinox is a novel dealing with urban realities. While the former is pithy and thought-provoking, the latter is a simple reflection of modern lives.

Madhuri lives and teaches in Pune. Films are as close to her heart as books are; she teaches Film Appreciation in addition to Creative Writing. She enjoys bringing her favourite authors and films to young minds. She also conducts workshops for children and adults. She has also written and published papers on films and on writing.

She is currently enjoying the monsoon, immersing herself in her personal library and nurturing ideas for her third book.

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