Monday, August 17, 2015

Tornado Giveaway 2: Book No. 31: WHAT IF IT'S LOVE? by Alix Nichols

Name of the Book: WHAT IF IT'S LOVE?
Author: Alix Nichols

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1. Rubina Ramesh
2. Dora Mills
3. Charlotte Lynn

The Story:

Parisian waiter Rob Dumont needs cash to pay for his grad school tuition. When a respected businessman offers him a handsome reward to spy on a foreign heiress - Lena - he accepts, knowing she wouldn't really get hurt.

What Rob doesn't know is that Lena has the sweetest, loveliest smile he's ever seen...

* * *

WHAT IF IT'S LOVE? is Book 1 in the BISTRO LA BOHEME series.

Is the Bistro La Bohème series for you?

If you enjoy contemporary romance novels with smart and strong heroines, sexy heroes and witty dialogue; if you love tender, poignant and steamy stories that keep you up all night -- then give this new series a try!

It will delight you with an unforgettable cast of young men and women who frequent an ordinary yet special Parisian cafe. They fall in love, cope with heartbreak and chase their dreams with a passion that makes them endearing even when in the wrong.

Welcome to the Bistro La Bohème! Take a seat by the window, order your café crème and lose yourself in these deeply romantic tales of love, loss and second chances.

* * *

The books are interconnected, with a recurring setting and characters. But each story is self-contained, and you can read it as a stand-alone.

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About The Author 

Alix Nichols 

Alix Nichols is an avid reader of chick lit, romance and fantasy, caffeine addict and a badge-wearing Mr. Darcy fan. She released her first romance at the age of six. It had six pages stitched together and bound in purple velvet paper. The book was titled “Eliza and Robert” and featured highly creative spelling. Some words were written in mirror image. Unintentionally.

Decades later, she still loves the name Robert and the genre romance. Her books have made the Kindle Top 100 Lists numerous times, climbing as high as #1. She lives and works in Paris, France.

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