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Tornado Giveaway 2: Book No. 29: MAYA'S NEW HUSBAND by Neil D'Silva

Name of the Book: MAYA'S NEW HUSBAND
Author: Neil D'Silva

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The Story:

In the suburbs of Mumbai, the atmosphere is grim. There is an evil shadow lurking around, stalking and snatching able-bodied people. The hapless victims are never found again, all their bodily traces lost forever.

In the midst of this is Maya Bhargava, a schoolteacher trying to forget a past personal tragedy. Her career looks promising though. She is learning to pick the broken pieces of her heart and move on.

While still trying to cope, love comes her way. It comes from the most unexpected of quarters, from a man named Bhaskar Sadachari who is despised and even feared for his weird ways.

The sensible and cautious Maya has her head in the right place, but it is her heart that refuses to obey.

She chooses her new husband. And the horrors begin to unfold.

The first draft of Maya's New Husband was written during NaNoWriMo 2014 and was a winner of the same.

Maya's New Husband was a winner at The Literary Awards 2015 in The Entertainer category.

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About The Author 

Neil D'Silva 

About the author in his own words: The writing bug bit me quite early in my life. It was when I was in my Standard VII that I wrote a book, initially on a writing pad and then on my father’s typewriter. As I bound those rough pages with a stapler, I saw a book taking shape; and as its pages unfolded I saw how a figment of my imagination had taken a concrete shape. There is rarely another joy that compares with seeing your creative thought taking a concrete shape. Some have likened this joy to what a mother experiences when she holds her firstborn for the first time. But, all I can say was that was one of my greatest pleasures, and it set me onto a path of no return.

Life had other plans en route, and I found myself indulging myself with my other passion — teaching — for over two decades. I still teach, and with a similar passion as I began with, but I need to showcase my other side to the world as well. For a number of years, I dabbled with freelance writing as well. Though I won numerous accolades from my clients from all over the world, I found myself speaking someone else’s voice. At a point, the dam burst, and I could continue no longer as a freelance writer. I resolved that if I would ever write again, it would be only for myself.

Having lived in this wonderful metropolis called Mumbai all my life, I have been fortunate to meet a huge variety of people, and partake of several experiences. The city is always on the move, and though that’s a clichĂ©, it’s quite true. There’s never a silent moment when you are in Mumbai. Even in the dead of the night when I sometimes find myself writing, I sense things stirring outside. Stories are being made here at every instant, so many stories that will be lost for want of someone to give them a voice. I tried to create a blend here, a blend of my penchant for writing and my astute sense of observation of the things that go around me, and weave my yarns.

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