Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tornado Giveaway 2: Book No. 81: THE IMPERATIVE SUBTERFUGE by Rickie Khosla

Author: Rickie Khosla

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The Story:

In 1932, Adolf Hitler had started his relentless ascent to the top of German polity. His absolute domination was about to allow him to reshape the world like few others had managed before him.

By 1932, Hitler’s paramour Eva Braun had managed to carve out an imperative place of her own in the man’s life, one that may have allowed her to affect not only their destiny but that of countless others.

In 1932, Mahatma Gandhi had traveled to Britain to negotiate yet another failed pact between his captive nation and its ruler.

In 1932, what if fate had allowed Eva Braun to meet Gandhi?

A fictional retelling of history complete with political intrigue, suspense, romance, thrill, drama, and an astonishing subterfuge that binds it all together. This is a novella you do not want to miss!

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About The Author 

Rickie Khosla 

Rickie Khosla is of mixed Punjabi-Assamese lineage. He was born in Kolkata, but much of his young life was spent in Delhi where his parents moved when he was just two. After schooling and university, a career in Marketing Research beckoned, taking him to New York City where he lived for a decade before moving back to India, to a conundrum called Gurgaon.

His first book, “An Imperative Subterfuge”, is a historical fiction e-novella about an incident we wished had happened in Nazi Germany. His second book (a 'desi', pacey, racy thriller) was recently picked up by India's leading literary agency and will, hopefully, find a publishing home soon.

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