Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tornado Giveaway 2: Book No. 65: HIS FATHER'S MISTRESS by Ritu Lalit

Author: Ritu Lalit

The Story:

Sumit is the heir to a huge inheritance, but has been in disgrace since his youth when he had a torrid affair with an entirely unsuitable woman. When his father dies, he inherits not only the wealth, but also the hostility of his family members and his father's enemies.

When he suffers many life threatening attempts on his life he realises that his father's death was not an accident either.

Intrigues and counter intrigues of the plot are finely interwoven with suspense and speed. Read to find out how he catches his father's killers to save his own life and empire.

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About The Author 

Ritu Lalit 

Ritu Lalit is a corporate slave turned fiction writer. A voracious reader, she is a gold medalist post graduate in English Literature who spent most of her childhood in remote areas in the northeastern parts of India, lying on grassy hillsides daydreaming and reading books.

She loves spinning tales, but no longer has her captive audience as her children grew up and flew away from the coop. Her three dogs don’t pay much attention. She began writing in the vain hope that the characters she creates will listen to her, even do her bidding.

She has five books out in the market, A Bowlful of Butterflies, HILAWI, Chakra, Chronicles of the Witch Way and Wrong, for the Right Reasons. Her fifth novel, His Father’s Mistress is coming soon.

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