Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tornado Giveaway 2: Book No. 83: THE RAY SYNCHRONICITY by Lata Sony

Author: Lata Sony

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The Story:

In a busy market place, Major Vohra spots a suicide bomber from his eBombVest. He whispers his suspicion to a stranger near him. The stranger takes out a gun and shoots the bomber between his eyes. To Vohra’s surprise, instead of keeling over the bomber visibly changes and confesses.

That’s the Bioray gun at work. No one knows from where the gun and the other Bioray weapons arrived and why. The military maintains a dignified silence. The politicians reveal nothing.

But it's no use trying to keep these weapons a secret. Because nothing is hidden from the powers that really matter -- the Rays and the Shadows.

At a place where metaphors turn literal, where feelings take shape and come alive, reside the Universe's oldest powers. Assisted by Time, they create a series of events to bring in a new age.

The powers believe that mortals Ketu and Arnavi are the best bet to bring in the future. If their past doesn't kill them first, that is.

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About The Author 

Lata Sony 

Lata Sony's mantra is to go along with life until something different comes along. Like the average software professional, she merrily went about her life in the quest to attain the ultimate rating of outstanding performance next appraisal, when along came a famous palmist who foresaw her future as a novel writer. So she participated in a contest with a publisher and won the first round for a publishing contract, when along came India's most successful self-published author Rasana Atreya. Lata got so sold on Rasana's posts and talk at an Amazon event that she abandoned the contest and the traditional marketing bandwagon to jump into the self-publishing one. Does it come as a surprise then that her debut book is titled after synchronicity?

Spiritual at heart, Lata Sony likes to convert mythological Gods and demons into extra-terrestrial beings and their blessings and curses into thought-missiles that trigger destructive or constructive actions in humans. Read her books to unravel spiritual mysteries the science-fiction way.

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