Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spirituality: THE YEAR 2012 - Part 3

…to continue from where I left off in Part 2

We are moving towards a world seeped in Oneness, where man will be able to ‘walk and talk with God’ and there will be ‘heaven on earth’.

How do Amma Bhagavan propose to do this?

Amma Bhagavan have been working on this from the year 1989. This is from the time they opened Jeevashram, the school that they ran twenty years ago. Bhagavan has been working on this since he was three years old. Bhagavan was born on March 7, 1949. He could perceive the golden ball of enlightenment from age three. He has been meditating on this golden ball since then. He has been empowering it over all these years. Finally, his long-term vision has come true in the form of the Oneness Temple at Varadaiahpalem, where the Golden Ball has been consecrated and kept for public viewing. This will help Man increase his consciousness level.

Why this part of the world?

This area of Varadaiahpalem where the Oneness Temple is situated is a belt where many saints have lived over the past few centuries. This is because this area has got the rich potential to create enlightenment. That is the very reason why Amma Bhagavan have chosen this area.

The Golden Ball is the centre point. It is placed in a huge pillar-less hall where around 8,000 people can meditate at one time. When they meditate 24/7 chanting the Moola Mantra, the energy created by them will travel through the morphogenic fields (something in the lines of latitudes and longitudes) and cover the entire Planet Earth, increasing the consciousness levels of both the people and the planet itself.

By the year 2012, Bhagavan expects to have 64,000 human beings with a higher level of consciousness who would pray at this hall, raising the consciousness level of humanity. Once this increases, Man will begin to feel Oneness and that’s how we will go into the Golden Age or Satya Yuga.

What is consciousness?

It can be termed as an invisible energy field that surrounds a being. It is measured as Level of Consciousness (LOC) that calibrates from 0 to 1000. The more the number of calibrations, the higher the consciousness level. An enlightened being is one who calibrates at a high level of consciousness. For example, Lord Jesus calibrated at 999, Lord Buddha at 999 and Lord Krishna at 1000.

In comparison, the average LOC of man had sunk down to as low as 204 at the end of the last century. If it had gone below 200, we could have surely had an apocalypse and the world would have ended. But the presence of one human being with LOC of 1000 calibrations can uplift the entire humanity. Luckily for us, Amma & Bhagavan (two of 1000 calibrations) had already come down to earth by then as Avatars of Enlightenment and saved the earth from such a calamity. It might be difficult to believe, but Indians had a very bad LOC of an average of barely 150 calibrations at that point.

Thanks to Amma Bhagavan, the situation is already well under control and moving on towards betterment in the very near future.

What is enlightenment?

Being enlightened is to attain the state of a Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mahatma Gandhi or a Ramana Maharishi. This does not constitute becoming a saint. When one attains enlightenment, one stops feeling the need to harm and that will lead to the end of Kali Yuga. When a person attains the state of Oneness, you get to understand that hurting the other is hurting oneself. Then the need to harm disappears. Along with it leave the negative emotions that we feel such as anger, jealousy, greed, etc.

This does not mean that we will not want to have fun, enjoy life, earn large incomes, etc. We tend to believe that enlightenment and sainthood go hand-in-hand. We could not be more wrong. God is not a saint. He is the one who created fun, wealth, humour and joy. Please understand that we will not be giving up any of these.

In fact, the state we will be attaining is one that is quite unimaginable. We have to experience it to actually know what it is.

Golden Age or Satya Yuga

The consciousness level of humanity and the earth are intertwined and they work in cohesion. When LOC of Man increases, the LOC of the Earth will increase and vice versa.

Global warming will come to an end as Man will stop warring with nature and will understand the value of the Green Belt and treat it with better respect. Just as Man stops hurting human beings, He will also stop harming the Earth, will realise that He is but harming himself. He will stop fighting against the seasons like we do today. In summer we complain of heat, in winter we complain of cold and during rains we complain of the wet. Just stop and think for a minute what will happen if the seasons don’t do their work. We are so lost when the rains get delayed. Will the Earth function without the Sun that is the centre of the Solar System?

Yes, Man will begin to think on a totally different level altogether. The tremendous shift in consciousness levels will bring about an enhancement in CREATIVITY, HEALTH, WEALTH, PROSPERITY, RELATIONSHIPS and more.

With constant prayers and relentless efforts of a certain percentage of people the whole of humanity will stand to gain, to enter the Golden Age.

On June 6, 2012, during the Venus Transit, Bhagavan has predicted that the Earth will come to a stand still, it will stop rotating. That is the point when everyone had wondered whether the Earth will die. Now, thanks to Amma Bhagavan, we know that the exact opposite is going to happen. The Earth will become enlightened absolutely along with all the human beings living on it.

This wonderful and incredible phenomenon is to occur less than three years hence. I hope that we all sail through the intermittent time without any hardships. I sincerely pray to the Creator – Amma Bhagavan – to take us all safely into the GOLDEN AGE.

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  2. BEAUTIFUL! cant wait for the Golden Age. Thank you Amma Bhagawan for taking us to this Age
    Thank you Sun for giving so much of information about how LOC. Yes i thank surya bhagawan everyday for shining bright! thank you for reminding once again that enlightenment is not sainthood.
    Amma Bhagawan photo is so nice!

  3. very well-put, very relevant information. i am going to share this link with my friends. every human being in this age needs to be aware about the golden age

  4. excellent! very well put. FYI: the conciousness level of Amma Bhagavan is not 1,000. It is infinity.

  5. To clear up the statement made by Anonymous:

    The consciousness of Amma Bhagavan was 1000 each when they began the venture. That was years ago. Today is a different scene altogether. :)

  6. As I understand, this biological body cannot withstand above 1000 conciousness. However, if Amma Bhagwan will even this could happen. Our quality of life depicts the LOC we are presently in. Inputs are available to gage our own LOC by putting ourself certain self test questions. However, we have no tools except approaching GOD to increase our LOC. That is why the element of BHAKTI/DEDICATION to a higher source is always very essential. Merely being in Bhakti is also not sufficient as we also need a VERY HIGH LEVEL OF INNER AWARENESS. A combination of both these CRUCIAL factors put you into a Higher orbit of your life. Only when this happens, it is possible for you to have a different kind of life experience, than those experienced by the commoners.Amma and Bhagwan wants to help each one of us to reach great heights in spirituality. They are doing this totally un-conditionally and with no bindings, whatsoever.

    Such happenings are possible for MAN only when Great Avathars take birth on this PLANET. Blessed are those who knowingly or un-knowingly have become co-inhabitants of AMMA and BHAGWAN at this AUGUST HOUR AND ERA.
    Presently, more than 150 million people have been pleasantly affected by the consciousness of Amma and Bhagwan. People who know these Avathars personally, through a divine experience or intervention in their lives, is doubly blessed.And what would you say for lakhs of people who presently serve these Great Avathars in "deep gratitude" and with "utmost humility", world over.
    I am sure, the entire human world is going to be
    immensely benefited out of all this, and that too very soon.

  7. very good
    feels great especially Amma bhagavan is here and literally taking us to this golden age. thankyou Amma bhagavan.

  8. A very interesting & informative article. I hope & pray that we enter this Golden Age as predicted. Thank you Amma Bhagavan. It is said that Namasankeerthanam is the best form of Bhakthi in Kaliyugam. Let us atleast be chanting God's names all the time. Thankyou Sundari.

  9. I found this piece highly informative and interesting, been exploring the concept of 2012 for a while now, somehow everything comes down to a common link. Yes I do believe 2012 will mark the beginning of satya yuga again.
    Let's meditate and live with the purpose of a better tomorrow.
    Thanks Sundari

  10. Thanks sundari, for putting this info on blog. i liked it.

  11. It’s a very informative literature. Keep going.... Thanks alot Sundariji.

    Amma Bagavan Saranam.....

  12. Diksha In India Produces a Radioactive Glow 
    1) A Ball of Ultriviolite looking Radioactive Energy is generated from the Thymus Gland of Bagwan & Amma in India.
    2) Those giving Diksha are plugged into this Ball of Energy.
    3) The Plug from the ball in India goes into the Crown & the Root Chakras of those giving Diksha throughout the world.
    4) From those giving Diksha throughout the world, they take energy from those receiving deksha & that energy goes to India. One half of that energy goes into the Crown of Bhagwan & Amma & the other half into Baagwan & Amma’s Root Chakra. Bhagwan & Amma are generators.
    5) Then the energy from the Root & Crown meets in the heart of Bhagwan & Amma and then goes to energize the ball.
    6) A wire from the crown & heart of Bhagwan & Amma goes to ET where a 2% is sucked out that goes to another place as the circuit goes into the Ball to regenerate & grow the Ball that feeds those giving Diksha.

    New People Getting Diksha Are Unaware 

    1) Person giving Diksha, an energy come out from their Root & Crown that taps the person receiving Diksha. This energy taps the 1st.– 2 & 3rd chakras.
    2) 1, 2 & 3 chaka energy is pulled to India as one cord.
    3) In India it is split & goes into the same formation as described before.
    4) The energy comes back to the person receiving Diksha into their Root & Crown chakras.
    5) From the Crown the energy goes to the person receiving Diksha down to their heart Chakra.
    6) The person receiving Diksha is left feeling euphorically high.

    • The energy that is sucked out of the 1,2 &3 chakra of the person receiving Diksha is somewhat polluted. It is that polluted energy that is apparently purified & re-infused into the person receiving Diksha.
    • The Ultraviolet/radioactive light energy appears to create a glowing light purple auroa.

    • ET
    1) The ET’s have something that appears to be Love.
    2) The ET’s are curious.
    3) The ET’s can be complementary.
    4) Bhagwan & Amma were taken in by what appeared to be Love from Higher Beings.
    5) 2% of the new person receiving Diksha goes into a ball of Radioactive Energy ( appearing to be Divine Light Energy) & is converted into a spinning ship of Light which appears to be used as a ‘fuel source’.
    6) The ET’s are from outside the Galaxy the Earth is in.
    7) The ET’s are here doing Research as they are doing the same research with many alien species.
    8) ET’s say they want the trans-mutational process of humans to dissolve physically & energetically with Love/Surrender.
    • Send the ET’s Love without strings or confusion.
    1. These are alien beings that are alive just like humans are alive.
    2. All is God.
    3. In prayers, concentrate on these Aliens and surround them with Love.
    4. Be aware that they offer the radioactive energy in exchange.
    5. If you simply send Love without taking from them, notice how your own process expands sweetens and grows.
    6. Be careful, the ET’s follow some here and surround them energetically which can be quite smothering, until one recognizes what is going on.

  13. Don't worry. and don't spend your money on mr and mrs God. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN IN 2012. The earth will continue moving, we will continue polluting and fighting and no amount of LOC will change that. Just wonder what they used to measure Jesus ... IDIOTS, the only thing I get from this is to heighten my LOL !!!!!