Thursday, March 6, 2014


Nikita Soni
I have been extremely lucky to have a group of candid book reviewers from The Book Club to review my book The Malhotra Bride. Nikita Soni is an avid reader and has reviewed a number of books on her blog. I must mention here that I am thrilled to receive a 4-star review from her. Thank you so much Nikita, for taking the trouble to read my book and reviewing it. I am so glad you liked The Malhotra Bride.

About Nikita Soni in her own words:

"My name is Nikita and I am in my twenties (girls don’t give their specific age :D). I just love reading books and its my number one hobby. I don’t specifically remember when I started getting addicted to reading but it seems like forever. 

Books have been my best friends and in words of John Greene "Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back."

I have felt myriad of emotions, visited extremes of earth and lived through generations through reading.

Some of my fond memories comprise of me being curled up in a sofa or sometimes even on the floor with a book while it rained outside. I even used to bribe my friends to get books issued on their library cards as well so that I had some extra books to read aside from my own quota from the library and when I used to play exchange of books with my friends. 

Anyhow just the other day (I don’t remember the exact day), my husband gave me this idea to write a blog where I could give reviews on the books that I had read and also could share thoughts with other book readers. The idea appealed to me and here I am!!! 

I hope to hear from all of you and I hope we become great friends. I would love to hear your comments here on the blog which would mean that my voice is reaching you."

You can visit Nikita on her blog Njkinny's World of Books from the link given below.

Nikita Soni's review of my book The Malhotra Bride:

Sunita is just twenty and bubbling with excitement to start her dream life of a career woman where she is free and self independent. But her parents have different ideas. They want her married as soon as possible. Her father her even set his eyes on a most suitable match for her. The only son of the illustrious Malhotra family, who own the Malhotra garments, Akshay is his choice. Despite Sunita's objections, a date is set for the two families to meet and Sunita is told to be ready.

What will Sunita do?

She doesn't want to get married so soon. She wants to be someone. Stand on her own feet. But this is not the trend in her house. Gokul Rishi, her father, "was a very strict father and strongly believed that women should be occasionally seen and never heard". Ever since her childhood, Sunita had to fight for every single thing in her life and her ally in all these conquests was her grandfather. This time, however, even her grandfather is helpless and she is on her own.

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