Sunday, March 30, 2014


Shilpa Garg
I got to know Shilpa Garg when she contacted me through Write Tribe to review my book Double Jeopardy. Thank you Shilpa! 

About Shilpa Garg in her own words:

"Shilpa Garg is a blogger from the Pink City of India who is passionate about the written words, sweets and beautiful conversations that happen over a mug of tea. She loves writing micro fiction, book reviews and general observations of life, things and circumstances on her blog,  A rose is a rose is a rose! Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Google+."

Shilpa's review of DOUBLE JEOPARDY

Double Jeopardy is a 55 page eBook which I finished reading in an hour! It is a hot and spicy, is coming of age story of a young girl, Sanya!  The book is about Sanya’s journey to woo her childhood love along with finding her true calling and listening to her heart despite the disapproval from the head. It is a story packed with love, romance and passion.

CLICK HERE to read the complete review on her blog.....

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