Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Sridevi Datta
I got introduced to Sridevi Datta via THE BOOK CLUB. Thank you Sridevi for agreeing to do a review of The Malhotra Bride.

About Sridevi Datta in her own words:

"I strongly believe every word written or uttered serves a larger purpose in life. I am here to find that purpose and find myself nearing that goal every time I write.  Would love to connect with you all at many many levels."

Thank you Sridevi Datta for your honest feedback. 


Marriages in most Indian homes are not made in Heaven. Rather they are manipulated, calculated and weighed in all aspects by both sides before the parents of  the bride and the groom decide to take the plunge. If after everything, the bride and the groom are fortunate enough to fall for each other, an amalgamation of the most fruitful kind is formed.

TMB starts on this very premise. The parents of the bride and the groom without consulting their children fix their alliance. But the bride is Sunita - vivacious and pretty with her own aspirations of etching a career and the groom is Akshay - a tall dapper of a man who does not exactly want to get tied down to matrimony and wife at this stage. Yet when they meet for the first time, sparks fly, they are drawn to each other and begin falling in love.

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