Friday, March 14, 2014


Sugandha Agrawal
It was a lucky day when I got introduced to Corinne Rodrigues of Write Tribe fame. Corinne has got together a group of bloggers to review my book DOUBLE JEOPARDY.

Sugandha Agrawal is the first one from this group to review my book. She couldn't resist completing my book between 10 pm & 1.30 am despite having travelled 600 km that very day.

About Sugandha in her own words:

"I am a reader, an amateur writer, a dreamer, a competitor, a blogger.

I am extremely talkative and love to express my views or questions on things I know or I don't. This blog here a bit of dreams, stories, imaginations and wonders. This blog helps me to express myself more clearly than I can think in a rapid conversation.  Most of my posts are conversations, waiting for your response.

I began blogging in April, 2013 and have been loving it since then. Most of my post tell you a bit more about me. Till then, I leave you with my favorite lines.

I am wrong and I am right,
I Crawl and I fly.
I love and I hate,
I live my life learning.
I am what I am...
A human with making"

Thank you Sugandha Agrawal for a 3-star review. I am so glad you liked my book. 

Before I begin the review, I’d like to give a highlight of my day on which I downloaded this book from Indireads, i.e. yesterday.

My day yesterday began at 5 am and consisted of 600 km travel through the day. It was supposed to end at 10 owing to a headache. At about 9.45, just checking mail before I slept, I decided to download the book from Indireads and prepare myself to read it the next day.

One the download was completed, my phone automatically opened the file for me to preview.

What began as preview of the book at 10 pm, ended at 1.30 am in completion of the book.

CLICK HERE to read the complete review of Double Jeopardy by Sugandha Agrawal...

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