Wednesday, March 26, 2014

eBook Review: LYNNA’S ROGUE by Kitty Margo

I bought this book on Amazon as I love historical romances. It turned out to be a worthy buy.

Lynna is the 17-year-old daughter of the rich French plantation owner Nathan Rhodes. Afraid that she might be kidnapped, he sends away his only child along with Captain Joshua Jordan to America, to live with her aunt.

Joshua is threatened with his life and a bag of gold to keep Lynna safe during the voyage, from the hands of kidnappers. But is she safe from Joshua?

The story spans five years with many people coming into Joshua’s and Lynna’s lives before they finally get together.

Lynna is as innocent as she is gorgeous when she leaves home, but not for long. She undergoes a lot of struggle, unwanted attention, almost raped twice and gets married once, before she gets together with the man she loves.

Joshua loses the love of his life to find her after three years. But he is stymied by the vile Suzanne who insists on wedding him, saying that she’s pregnant with his child. Joshua is too smart. Despite marrying her, he proves her to be the whore she is and gets their marriage annulled. He’s still not able to get together with Lynna as he is unable to find her. And when he does, she’s married to Michael. Will their woes never end?


The story is well written with strong characters. The author has described beautiful locations very well. The chemistry between Joshua and Lynna sizzles. I loved reading the story that’s set in the 1850s and talks about the lives of slaves working in the cotton plantations. The sugar plantations of Jamaica have been described beautifully and a joy to read.

I loved the tropical paradise where Lynna finally lands up along with Rob. It was gorgeous while the reader is anxious to know what’s going to happen next. I enjoyed reading the book.

My only peeve was how one person could land in so much trouble. Lynna is hounded by problems from start to end. It was a tad difficult to swallow.

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