Monday, February 24, 2014


Nilima Mohite
Nilima Mohite has taken the time out from her busy schedule with a full time job and a baby son to read and review my book THE MALHOTRA BRIDE.

Thank you very much Nilima for the positive review. I am so glad you liked the 2nd edition of my book.

Nilima's feedback:

Yes, another book review and that too for the book written by my author friend Sundari Venkatraman, The Malhotra Bride.

I had mentioned in the review of Double Jeopardy, that I will review the 2nd edition of The Malhotra Bride. So here it is:

Sunita, is the beautiful, drop dead gorgeous daughter of the Rishi garment business family. She is just 20, innocent, completed her graduation & looking to enjoy life which is a not an option she gets in the orthodox traditional business family. Her parents are hell bent on getting her married. Her father treats it as another business deal.

Her suitor is Akshay Malhotra, a handsome hunk, perfect modern day businessman, eligible bachelor, only son of billionaire of Malhotra Garmets. He has girls swarming around him, he likes to party, has never heard a No from any woman, doesnt go beyond one night stands. He loves his carefree life and wants to have a wedded life like his parents, love marriage at that.

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  1. Vanakam Sundari ! The pleasure again is mine. Read the book leisurely in the first read. Second time before writing the review Skimmed thru it, resisting hard to stop & read the entire thing fully again :D

    Sequel please to this one !

    1. Thank you so much Nilima. I am so glad you liked my book. I loved your review :)