Sunday, July 7, 2013


My neighbour Ganesh has a miniature aquarium at his house. Recently, he has also become the proud owner of a pair of rare cockatiels. The adorable pair of birds is extremely people-friendly. My husband brought them home for a few minutes along with their cage.

I don’t think Simba liked the birds much. Of course, that could have been because they were out of his reach. He prowled around the cage for a while and finally settled down below, keeping a vary eye on them.

I was saving my earring from the naughty little cockatiel
Venkat told me that the birds were quite harmless and one could hold them on the arm or shoulder. I was not keen to try this in Simba’s presence. We locked him up in the other room and Venkat let one of the cockatiels on my wrist.

Heavens! It was such a joyous experience as the little one walked slowly up my arm and sat on my shoulder. Soon, she was nipping at my earring. Believe me, it did not hurt at all. She was only interested in my gold earring and not my ear. Such a sweetheart!

When I whistled to him, he tweeted back
Again, at night, we went down to Ganesh’s house and met the birds once again. It was sheer fun as they walked from my right wrist all the way to my shoulder and then my nape. When Venkat tried to grab the bird, she hid behind my head and refused to come out. Then when he took his hand away, she walked down the other shoulder down to my left arm.

It was a mind-blowing experience!


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  2. Dear Sundari,
    Your experience with this bird is so beautifully put across, that even I am feeling like reaching out to them now.

    1. Dear Anita,
      I am sure you will love the experience. There is just one small hitch. There's only one of them now as the other died in an accident. :(