Monday, July 1, 2013

eBook Review: AGAINST ALL ODDS By Jazz Singh

Sanjana is a small-town girl who has moved to Delhi as an Interior Designer. While she’s slowly gaining a reputation, she slips and falls in front of millionaire industrialist Abhimanyu’s car. He’s convinced that she’s out to get what she could out of him, while she’s certain that he is an arrogant snob. She lands up with a hairline fracture.

Not long after, they meet again and yet again. While Sanjana finds herself falling in love with Abhimanyu, she is sure that she would never fit into his world. His mother is also positive about this. And what about Abhimanyu himself? Is he in love with Sanjana or is he just playing with her?

This juicy romance by Jazz Singh is an absolutely fun read. Sanjana is creative, hardworking as well as a cheerful young lady. Abhimanyu is a suave businessman who has been brought up to be protective about his wealth and status. The author weaves a lovely story around the small-town Sanjana and city-boy Abhimanyu that’s very endearing. Good language, interesting dialogues and realistic situations make for a good read. Congratulations, Jazz Singh! Way to go!

My only peeve is the last scene was a tad abrupt. But I suppose good things don’t last forever.

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