Thursday, July 25, 2013

eBook Review: LOVE WILL FIND A WAY by Parul Tyagi

I just loved the ebook – LOVE WILL FIND A WAY by Parul Tyagi.

Prabhat is married to Meeta. While Meeta adores her husband, Prabhat is just adjusting to this way of life. He had loved Nitya from since his school days. Then why are they not married? Suddenly, on meeting someone from his past, Prabhat feels torn between the need to meet Nitya and betraying his wife. That’s when Meeta comes forward to support her husband. She would rather have a husband who loves her completely than someone who feels duty bound to stay with her. But what will be the state of Meeta’s life be once she sets out on the journey along with her husband to trace the love of his life?

I could not move away from my computer to even stop for lunch once I began reading this story. I felt torn along with Prabhu as he oscillated between right and wrong. Nitya’s character was quite simple. But the others had so many layers. I just adored Meeta. Such wisdom! I could so understand her view point. She does not want to live her life in half measures. And what she is ready to do to set it right! Amazing character, superbly etched. And the story almost had me biting my nails till I reached the last chapter, when I broke down crying like a baby.

The title LOVE WILL FIND A WAY is perfect for the story. I am amazed! Excellent work Parul Tyagi! I seriously am keen to read your next. Wish you the very best.

I have to congratulate Amal Fatima Uppal for creating the perfect cover for this book.

Quote from the book that I thoroughly enjoyed:

“I’ll be happier than you. Right now there are three of us unable to have what we want. When you are with her, at least two of us will have found the meaning of their existence and the third will be instrumental in making that discovery,” Meeta replied.

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