Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This story is all about the newly married Mythili adjusting to her life in Philippines along with her husband Siddharth who works for a call centre there. Mythili used to be a crime reporter in Bangalore and being idle does not suit her at all. Then there are the other expat wives who lead lives of leisure. Mythili finds it very difficult to fit in. With too much time on her hands and only gossiping women for company, Mythili finds life totally frustrating. Will her marriage work?

The story runs along the lines of Alice in Wonderland and has been written well. But… the first half a dozen chapters are dedicated to Mythili’s rants, making the reader wonder whether there is going to be any kind of a solution at all. I began to fidget and was not very sure I wanted to continue reading.

Creativity is something unique and a story is the sole creation of the author. I absolutely agree. But the way I see it, as one reads a story, the scenes should play out in front of one’s mind’s eye.

This one is in the form of a narrative where Mythili becomes a story teller who keeps talking about her life. I could not visualise what was happening. It was more like looking into Mythili’s head all the time. More dialogues and less of narrative make for an interesting read.

This is a romance novella. I wish there had been more about the relationship between Mythili and Siddharth other than their meeting on and off.

Shweta Ganesh Kumar is already a bestselling published author and I am sure she knows what sells best. I suppose this novel should work for a lot of people.

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