Thursday, June 27, 2013

Food Review: ULLAS REFRESHMENTS @ MG Road, Bengaluru

Vini on the verge of checking the menu
Vignesh visits Bangalore at least 2-3 times in a year as his music gigs happen in the city. He recommended Ullas Refreshments pretty highly and Vini and I were determined to have one of our meals there. That’s how we landed up for dinner at Ullas Refreshments after the visit to Lal Bagh.

The half-eaten rava masala dosa with its accompaniments
The restaurant is open from 9.30 am in the morning till they take last orders at 9.30 pm. We managed to get there famished at around 9 pm.

The huge rava idli garnished with dill
The waiters could speak Hindi comfortably as neither of us knew one word of Kannada, the official language of Bengaluru.

The not-so-tasty dahi vada
We ordered Onion Rava Masala Dosa. It came with regular coconut chutney, a red chutney with garlic, super delicious sambar typical of South India, a masala gravy distinctive to Karnataka (highly recommended by the waiter and it was yummy) and the usual potato masala. The dosa was cooked evenly to perfection. Many-a-time, we find that the dosas are well fried on one end while rather soft on another. This one was so evenly made that we enjoyed every morsel. As you can see from the picture, we both were so hungry that we grabbed the dosa the moment it was served and I remembered to take the photo only after it was half gone.

Yours truly awaiting my order
The Rava Idly we ordered was huge. They served one piece instead of the usual two. But it was equal to three idlis that one makes at home. While it was tasty with the accompanying chutney and sambar, I was kind of disappointed with the dill that came along as garnish. It took away from the flavour.

Dill - the greens with a special flavour.
I don't like it 
Then came the Dahi Vada that we asked for. This was also a single piece and I was glad it was so. It was not the kind of dish that I had expected to eat in South India. It came with sweet dahi and was pretty mediocre.

As Viggy had mentioned, we should have stuck to having only dosas. The restaurant is renowned for that and the Rava Masala Dosa that we had was proof enough.

Well, now you know the best thing to order at Ullas Refreshments when you visit Bengaluru! Believe me, the restaurant is most definitely worth a visit for the dosa experience.

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