Wednesday, June 19, 2013


RMV II Stage, Bengaluru
Vini needed to go to Bengaluru on official work. She asked me whether I would like to go there for a couple of days too. I jumped at the chance. I look a National AC bus on Thursday last and set out on what turned out to be an 18-hour journey. We were supposed to reach in 16 hours or less. I got off the next day around 2 pm and with another passenger’s help got an auto rickshaw to arrive at RMV II Stage. The guest house was on the third floor and was extremely comfortable. Better yet, the whole area was surrounded by greenery. I hear from a lot of people who are familiar with Bangalore that the city is not as green as it used to be. Well, I was visiting after 22 years and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. The view from the bedroom window was simply gorgeous.

Andhra Meals at Mayuri Restaurant, ISRO Road, Bengaluru

Luckily for us, it was just Vini and me at the 3-bedroom flat. I had a bath and immediately took another rickshaw to get myself some lunch. I had to travel quite a way before I managed to find Mayuri Restaurant. I had enquired with a couple of people to find typical Karnataka food. This restaurant served Andhra meals. I did not argue as I was too hungry and hogged. The food was cold. When I told the waiter that, he immediately removed my plate and served on another one – with a fresh plantain leaf. The second time round, the food was piping hot. There were two sabzis, a chutney, hot tandoor roti, sambar, rasam, curd, chaas, papad and rice – unlimited and priced at Rs. 73. The food was not too bad either.

The lane below the building we stayed at
Once I was well fuelled, I began my adventure in the city. I had barely 24 hours there and I meant to make full use of it.

At the guesthouse


  1. City hopping lady ! Way to go, hope u get to visit many more cities :)

    1. Thank you for the wishes Nilima :D
      I agree with you. So want to go places