Tuesday, June 25, 2013

eBook Review: FACEBOOK PYAR By Arti Arlene Martyris

Prateek lives and studies in Patna. An only child, he is very close to his mother who is constantly beaten up by his father. Gunjan lives about 1500 km away in Hyderabad. Belonging to a Christian family, she lives with her mother and school-going sister. Her father had left them long ago for another woman.

The two of them come in touch with each other on Facebook. Over many chat sessions of sharing their family histories and many other things, they fall in love. Enter James – Gunjan’s childhood sweetheart. Will the long-distant relationship with Prateek stand a chance against James’ proximity?

A cutesy love story that is very much contemporary. I fell in love with the title and that’s what made me buy the book.

Arti has penned a romance between two strangers who meet on the social media network, how they go on to trust each other and fall in love. It makes for a fun read and will surely appeal to all the college students. At the end, the author got me a mite worried whether Gunjan will ever get together with the man of her dreams. Good work Arti Arlene Martyris!

The cover illustration by Upasana Govindarajan is very appealing.

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