Friday, June 7, 2013

eBook Review: GIRL FROM FATEHPUR By Sarita Varma

Sanjana is shocked when Krish proposes marriage. She is not sure she wants to marry her colleague but he appears to take her for granted. That’s when she escapes to Fatehpur to attend a family wedding. Rajan turns up unexpectedly. In her teens, Sanjana had believed herself in love with Rajan. But he had not been interested. When opportunities throw Sanjana and Rajan together, again and again, she begins to dream of a second chance. But Krish turns up at the wedding in pursuit of her. Read Girl From Fatehpur to find out who will be the lucky man to get Sanjana.

It’s a lovely story woven together in well written English by Sarita Varma. I enjoyed the building up of relationship between the main characters. The wedding scene, the Kumbh Mela and the car ride taken by Rajan and Sanjana to Fatehpur make for an interesting read. The love triangle between Krish, Sanjana and Rajan keeps the reader hooked till the end, hoping that she would land up with the right man. Congratulations Sarita Varma! Way to go! Looking forward to more from you!

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