Saturday, June 1, 2013

eBook Review: ONLY A DREAM By Jazz Singh

Rhea holds a senior position in a hotel chain. To her shock, the chain has been sold out to Varun and his father. She had never thought she would set eyes on Varun, ever again. They had been so in love a few years back – until Varun had betrayed her in the worst way possible. Now it looks like he wants them to get back together. Is Rhea ready for her heart to be broken once again?

A cute love story with a five star hotel in the background! Then there are Varun’s friends Ajay and Kirpal who also become Rhea’s friends. A very typical Indian scenario with the parents of both main characters in the background and a lot of back and forth between the two in the form of dialogue throughout the book, keep the reader hooked.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Only a Dream by Jazz Singh. I look forward to reading another book by the same author which is called Against All Odds.

I have to mention here that the cover by Mariyam Iftikar looks delicious.

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