Monday, April 5, 2010

Spirituality: MUKTI CLASS ON 4.4.2010

Yesterday was a Sunday and the first local Mukti Class was conducted by Sri Bhagavan through skype.

The Dev Darshan Hall at Ghatkopar (W) was arranged for the same. The hall was luckily huge and airy and could take the 1500-odd crowd quite comfortably.

But the sound system was terrible. Luckily for me, I had read up the lesson as conducted by Bhagavan at Ahmedabad, thanks to my friend Anuradha Chandrashekhar.

Sri Bhagavan came on the screen and greeted us and started with the lesson immediately. He uttered some sentences and we repeated them seven times along with Nivedhanaji and Asmitaji in Hindi and Marathi as instructed by the Lord.

1. My thoughts are not mine.
2. My mind is not mine.
3. My body is not mine.
4. There is listening but no listener.
5. There is seeing but no seer.
6. There is doing but no doer.
7. Things are happening by themselves.
8. Self is but a concept.

After repeating these sentences seven times each, Bhagavan asked: Then what are you?

A few from the audience replied: We are Atmas.

I have given the gist of Bhagavan’s reply here. I could not hear the exact words.

Sri Bhagavan: That’s right. You are all Atmas that have come from the Paramatma. You are but witnesses to what is happening around you. You have taken the combination of Body-Mind-Spirit as Sat-Chit-Ananda. You are actually Satchidananda Parabrahma. I will utter this sentence in Hindi three times. You say it along with me. I will then disappear from the screen. You chant this mantra for 49 minutes while Amma and I will give you all a powerful Deeksha. Most of you will attain Jeevan Mukti at this point. Even if you don’t, you will attain mukti in a day or two. Complete the chanting and then take Deeksha from the Padukas.

"Main Swayam Satchidananda Parabrahma Hoon"

Saying this three times, the Lord disappeared from the screen.

We chanted this in Hindi and Marathi as we liked for 49 minutes. The guides told us when to stop. After this we took Deeksha from the Padukas.

A powerful Deeksha session indeed!


  1. Lord has given us a GIFT called "MUKTHI OR ENLIGHTENMENT".
    It is "we" who should know as to how to handle this "Invaluable gift"and Their Trust on us.

    People who have developed a Very Good Bond with Amma and Bhagwan, progressed in our Gratitude and Relationships, and finally having a clarity on "Oneness Teachings" would alone be helped by the Divine to Handle this Invaluable and Power filled "Gift" called "Enlightenment".

  2. Jeevan Mukta, pls give deeksha to me! Lov u!

  3. Sariyai kriyai yogam gnanam

    How one does davam/penance/meditation? It means do nothing with mind, keep in the holy feet/thiruvadi of god in our body!!
    How guru helps with his experiance? what is guru sath sath para brahma?

    Open eye , surrender mind to holy feet in our body. Do-nothing with mind. Still the mind. Dont use it..

    Sanathana dharma

    Its about knowing self and god. India was known for this..

    Actual place of Kundalini is not at end of spine... please read this .... Hidden secrets are revealed...

    who is guru? how guru helps? in the way of siddhas

    The meaning of the word deekshai is initiation. When a human does become a real
    human being? If one gets father and mother is not human being!

    Only when he gets guru he is human! With human body, he obtains maturity in the mind, becomes a real human only after getting a gnana guru.

    More details

    God is light, soul is tiny light, one need to know self. You are not body mind, they belong to you. You are soul..
    how to know realize>? Get preaching from guru and take thiruvadi deekshai(holy feet inititaion)
    Kingdom of god is with in, get baptized by light

    More details