Thursday, March 11, 2010


Almost every newspaper and TV channel around the world is talking about Global Warming, about the earth falling apart in a few decades due to this.

We read about it, may talk about it and then, what?

As ‘aam janta’ - the ‘mango people’ as Saif Ali Khan’s character calls the common man in Love Aaj Kal - what can we do about this issue that is slowly but surely snowballing out of control?

This new column is all about that.

People talk about using less electricity, conserving energy, switching of all electrical equipment for an hour as a gesture. All these will help in fits and starts. What about issues in the long run?

One simple way to cool down the globe is to switch off our computer screens while not in use. This saves a lot of energy and on a regular basis and will most definitely help towards what I would like to call GLOBAL COOLING.

I would like to impress upon all my readers to please do it from now on, especially when you leave work for the day.

Look out for more on this. Comments and suggestions are welcome. :)


  1. i have a better suggestion -- switch off the screen WHILE you are working!

  2. yes you are right

  3. yeah, that is a good thing, we do it regularly at home to save power!