Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BLOG NO. 100


I am thrilled to post BLOG NO. 100 on “Flaming Sun”. I started my blog on June 27, 2009 with news of the publishing of my novel THE MALHOTRA BRIDE. It’s been a wonderful 10 months and I hope you all enjoyed the journey as much as I did.

Catch the Short Stories, Recipes, tips on Health, Film Reviews, tips on connecting with the Maker, Food Reviews, some nostalgic moments from my life and more on Flaming Sun.

Thank you, all my readers, who have encouraged me through your comments and emails. :)


  1. Hey! Congrats Sundari. Lotsa love and luck for the next 100000. Kisses

  2. Heartiesttttttttt congrats on your 100th blog. 10 months and 100 blogs. are you a rollercoaster or what. Very proud of you.

    I think this 'blogging business' is one of the most meaningful threads to your ever so everyful life

    Keep blogging, it keeps you happy and hence keeps us happy


  3. Hi,sundari venkataraman i am so happy with u r blog.very proud of you keep it up thank you

  4. Congratulations! hope you touch 1000 soon, all the best!